Research and Markets: Global Internet – Model For Future Business Scenarios

(PRWEB) April 20, 2005

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of 2005 Global Internet – Model For Future Business Scenarios to their offering.

The Internet serves as a testing ground for business models that can be transported to broadband video services. With close to one billion Internet users, this market has enormous potential. In 2005, 10% of these users were on broadband. Every second, somewhere on the planet, somebody is connected to broadband – opening the way for video-based services that can be offered on triple play models.

The convergence of telecommunications, broadcasting, IT and consumer electronic markets is offering unprecedented opportunities for those organisations who understand these developments and are able to analyse what will work for them. However, it is obvious that these new opportunities require new business models. New media developments are driven by technology companies that have a vested interest in maintaining their own ‘old’ structure. The lack of change towards new business models is one of the major stumble blocks in the development of a new economic viable market structures. The Internet can guide us in what direction we have to move.

With the arrival of the Internet we have see a relatively rapid adaptation of the New Media for commercial purposes. It is estimated that already $ 1 trillion worth of business is done electronically. This revenue is mainly generated from the business market. With broadband and interactive digital TV coming up to speed, the residential market is set to come onboard between 2005 and 2008. However, this highly technology driven industry needs to become far more marketing oriented if the emerging technologies are to be fully exploited. So far the industry has been slow to do so, with its vertical integrated structures hampering a successful entry into this market. For starters, it will have to become far more customer driven as new technologies are putting the user in the driver’s seat.

The arrival of convergence whereby the user focus will move toward applications will require a change in business strategies. Those organisation playing in the New Media Market will have to shed their predominantly techno driven approach toward business into a far more marketing driven direction. The market will move from supply driven to demand driven and those with the best marketing and customer services will win, technologies are rapidly becoming commodities. It will be interesting to see if the industry can flourish in this environment or if the companies involved will be forced to retreat into their core network operations.

As the exploitation of the potential of the Internet increased, so has its criminal exploitation. This has taken many forms, from simple credit card theft through complex fraud through destructive activities such as viruses and hacking to physically dangerous activities such as the Nigerian Scam and paedophilia. The financial and social effects of these crimes have grown so significant that governments have set up monitoring and investigating organisations and are seeking forms of legislation to overcome them.

The 2005 Global Internet – Model For Future Business Scenarios Report is an annual report which looks at Internet, e-mail, permission based marketing, B2B, B2C, e-retailing, e-commerce, triple play, Spam, Cybercrime, websites, web hosting, search engines.

Topics covered in the report include:

-Internet: business model for future services

-Global market and industry overviews and analyses

-B2C (E-Retailing), E-Payments, B2B Market Statistics

-Industry and Market Trends and Developments

-Business and Marketing Strategies

-User statistics

-Revenues and forecasts

-ISP Markets

-Industry issues and regulatory

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