FEVA TV: New WebTV Channel Brings African and Caribbean Entertainment to Canada


Toronto, ON (PRWEB) October 15, 2013

FEVA TV, a global television network, now brings quality African and Caribbean entertainment programs to TV viewers in Canada. FEVA TV, which is an acronym for First Entertainment Voice of Africa Television, launched its WebTV platform in September 2013 and the company is gearing up to start talks with local cable and satellite TV providers for broadcast distribution undertaking (BDU) agreements in Canada.

The programs of this TV channel include music, movies, news, sports, TV series/drama, documentaries and other exciting programs that affect the global black community. The channel offers high quality television entertainment and aims at catering to those who enjoy African and Caribbean entertainment programs.

Since the launch of the WebTV, the channel has been reaching out to the African-Canadian audience and other viewers who are interested in African and Caribbean entertainment. Apart from entertainment programs, the WebTV channel will also focus on news from Africa and provide an insight to people about the things that are happening in the continent. It will also show documentaries that will provide information about topics ranging from sports to politics and the economy. FEVA TV promises to be different from other television channels by providing Canadians with access to authentic quality entertainment from Africa and Caribbean.

The Channel’s Contents

Most of the shows on FEVA TV will target the African and Caribbean TV viewers in Canada. Viewers will get a chance to see shows from countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Jamaica, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Senegal, Trinidad, Barbados, USA, Brazil, Haiti etc.

Some of the TV shows will include high quality Nollywood movies, Reggae music videos, Afrobeat music video countdown, Soca music videos, African movies, Caribbean movies, Hip-Hop and R&B videos, African/Caribbean TV series, interviews, documentaries and other entertainment programs that will cater to the African-Canadian audience.

Sports lovers will find the content of the channel interesting as it will show popular videos related to Football (Soccer), Cricket and other sports played in Africa and the Caribbean. The channel promises to be a complete platform that will have something for people with all kinds of taste in entertainment. As Afro-centric music is very popular in Canada, the channel will focus on all genres of music coming out of Africa. According to Lonzo Nzekwe, the C.E.O and co-founder of FEVA TV, the channel aims to provide a clear picture of the social, economical and the political situations that black people around the world are faced with on a regular basis.

Vision and Mission

FEVA TV’s vision is to become a premiere network that provides only quality entertainment to our global audience. The WebTV channel can be accessed by people from around the world. The channel’s management is determined to make a mark in the world of web television while at the same time gearing up to launch a unique 24-hour Afrocentric cable television channel in Canada.

Their mission is to build a television network in Canada that will showcase the global black community from an accurate perspective that is not always seen in most major media outlets. A lot of people living in North America are of African origin and they’re interested in getting a glimpse of the life in Africa. Also, there are many people with non-African ancestry who are equally interested in learning about Africa. FEVA TV believes that there is a lack of TV channels which provide people with a true picture of Africa and the black community in general, and they intend to correct that with their channel.

In the near future, FEVA TV intends to grow from a web channel to a 24-hour television channel that will be available on major Canadian cable and satellite TV networks.

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