Lagos, Nigeria Author Publishes New Book with RoseDog Books


Lagos, Nigeria (Vocus/PRWEB) December 22, 2010

Sojourn: Emeritus Professor V. A. Oyenuga’s Biography, a new book by Adebayo Adesoye, has been released by RoseDog Books.

Emeritus Professor V.,A Oyenuga’s short biography is contained in over twelve international biographic journals. He is listed with Einstein as one of the “Top 500 Scientists of the 20th Century.” To his credit are about 210 articles in several local and international scientific journals, most of them reporting the results of his original research in Africa, Europe, and the United States of America.

Africa’s first professor of agriculture, Nigeria’s first emeritus professor, and a world-renowned nutritional biochemist is a Yoruba-man. It was mainly from Yoruba-land, Southwest Nigeria, that countless numbers of slaves were shipped to Haiti, the Caribbean, and the Americas in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Despite his intellectual sagacity, he is a very, very deeply religious Christian—a spiritual enigma thickly woven into a fascinating puzzle! His biography is a scintillating cornucopia of some local and international events before and during the twentieth century. It is also informative about Nigeria’s past, present, and unpredictable immediate future.

The disparate North and South of this vast entity were jackknifed into a mere geographical adjective called Nigeria in 1914 by a very restless and industrious sadist, the British mercenary who was Nigeria’s first governor-general in the early decades of the twentieth century: Baron Frederick Dealtry Lugard.

If the world wants to know why post-Colonial Nigeria has been adrift since the 1960s and the factors and actors responsible for her present location up a political creek without a paddle in the twenty-first century, this book provides some clues to the riddle of the odd dilemma facing the “Biggest Black Nation on Earth”— “poor people, rich government, stupendously rich rulers, in a limitlessly endowed country where tragedy and comedy are Siamese twins!”

Adebayo Adesoye is a professional historian and was employed by the Lagos State Government as a teacher between 1987 and 1997. He founded the Greenergy organization in 2002 as a voluntary development initiative for the empowerment and enlightenment of rural Nigerian farmers in the Guinea Savannah zone of South West Nigeria. He was formerly a very devout Muslim.

The epilogue of Professor Oyenuga’s biography book contains the circumstances that compelled his conversion to Christianity in February 2008. The writing of Sojourn is his voluntary gesture of appreciation for Professor Oyenuga’s consent to identify with the Greenergy Organization as Life-Patron and Founding Chairman of the Trustees Board in 2003.

Sojourn: Emeritus Professor V. A. Oyenuga’s Biography is a 278-page paperback with a retail price of $ 24.00. The ISBN is 978-1-4349-8059-5. It was published by RoseDog Books of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For more information or to request a review copy, please visit our virtual pressroom at or our online bookstore at