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(PRWEB) November 18, 2005

Chidi Asika-Enahoro is a Nigerian- American who has lived and traveled extensively between England, Africa and the United States. She has a unique passion for life and brings that magnetic energy to every endeavor she is involved in.

Chidi has held various leadership positions including: President of Florida Rehabilitation Association (two terms in Miami); Board member of several Community Organizations; Co-founder and Operator of a Non-Profit Organization; a State of Florida Trainer, Contract Manager & Rehabilitation Consultant. She has a Masters degree in Clinical and Community Psychology.

Chidi maneuvered her privileged upbringing to dedicate her life to excel in championing the plight of the Needy to empower them. She has the unique advantage of a multi-cultural heritage and point of view. She has an extensive background in Rehabilitation spanning the cause of over twenty years between Connecticut, New York and Miami. She has a host of varied Certificates.

Chidi has provided many well received workshops across the nation with her poignant and unique flair. She has presented a variety of subjects ranging from Professional Ethics, Cultural Diversity, Counseling Skills, Job Development, Management Techniques, Relaxation Techniques, Leadership Skills, Program Designs and Social Skills to Company Executives, Managers, Case Workers, Rehabilitation Specialists, Customer Service Representatives and the general populace.

Chidi is an avid reader and a prolific writer. Chidi is an extraordinary and yet very ordinary character whose main aim in life is to bring happiness to the world by creating little pockets of joyful moments for the people she encounters on her current life’s journey. Chidi recites her mission in life as simple “I need my existence in this life to make a positive difference to those who know me and to humanity in general”.

A-World-of-Books.com recently interviewed Chidi Asika-Enahoro about her book “Innocence Interrupted”. An excerpt from the interview is below:

A-WORLD-OF-BOOKS.COM: Tell us a little about you newest book, “Innocence Interrupted: A Sexual Molestation Survival & Prevention Guide.” What compelled you to write it?

CHIDI ASIKA-ENAHORO: Innocence Interrupted is a book about some real life stories of sexual molestations from different cultures and economic classes. The book reviews how and why it occurs and presents some useful guides on how to handle such crimes and how to protect everyone in the family from the destructive effect. Sexual molestation intrigues me because it happened to me and I could not get past it for a while. The new wave of media expose` of such topics and the loud community outcry and recent push to identify the known molesters made me realize that there is a group of molesters out there that could continue to enjoy anonymity. I decided to contribute my small part to make our world a safer place.

A-WORLD-OF-BOOKS.COM: Was the process of writing this book healing in any way? If so, how?

CHIDI ASIKA-ENAHORO: Yes, very much so. I had buried the experiences deep down for many years. In writing Innocence Interrupted, I was able to recall play by play details of my incidents. It was very emotional but I was finally able to understand why it happened to me because here I am sharing the experience in the hope that it will help other victims and may be even prevent many more occurrences. I now appreciate the experience for what I can do with it. I have made peace with the whole experience and totally released the pain and anguish from my soul. I am more emotionally fortified for it.

A-WORLD-OF-BOOKS.COM: Are sexual crimes looked at and handled differently in other countries, such as Africa, than they are in the US. If so, how?

CHIDI ASIKA-ENAHORO: Although every country has a different frame of reference relative to its cultural beliefs, sexual crimes are generally perpetrated upon female adults or children round the world. The US has prescribed well thought out laws about age of adulthood and what constitutes sexual crimes and the consequences of violation. Africa has many countries with many contradicting traditional beliefs that make it difficult to determine when a sexual crime has been committed. A lot of the cultures marry underage females and it is accepted. The women are trained to be prudish and docile which invariably means that they are expected to act coy and say no to sex as a matter of rule. Under such context, proclamations of “no’ does not mean anything to the men. Sexual crimes are hard to prosecute in any system for a variety of reasons but the US is still leaps ahead of the rest of the world in that regard.

The entire interview with Chidi Asika-Enahoro may be read at http://a-world-of-books.com/Interviews/ChidiAsikaEnahoro.htm.

“Innocence interrupted : A sexual molestation survival & prevention guide”

Paperback: 178 pages

Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.

Language: English

ISBN: 0595362249

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