Centre for Management Technologys 14th MEAPET Summit in Dubai Puts Focus on Consumer Trends, Market Insights and Technology Innovations


Dubai, UAE (PRWEB) January 20, 2013

Into its 14th consecutive year, MEAPET Summit taking place on 26-27 February seeks to examine the current market situation, forecast potentials and trends moving the industry in key markets including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Nigeria and North Africa.

A market susceptible to consumer behavior and packaging innovations, the PET industry is seeing a need to cater to the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions, from lightweighting to recycling. For that reason, [14th MEAPET Summit puts focus on:

    How will the Global Capacity Crisis Affect the PET Business in the Middle East & Africa Region?
    Growth Strategy & Creating a Competitive Position in the PET Packaging Industry
    Polyester Intermediates Market Outlook
    Challenges for PET Converters in the MEA Markets
    Functional Beverages for the Middle East Markets
    Global RPET Developments and Opportunities & Obstacles for ME Recyclers
    perPETual: Simply the “Best-er”
    PET Recycling – Innovative Processing Technologies
    Leading Beverage Packaging Solutions
    Advantages of PET Kegs: Technical Overview & Evolution to CSD
    Trade & Anti-Dumping Duty Challenges for Turkey’s PET Sector
    North Africa PET Outlook: Morocco, Algeria & Tunisia
    Today and Tomorrow Innovation for Preform/Bottle Technology
    Hotfilling Technology into Lightweight PET Bottles
    PET Sheet & Flexible Packaging: Developments in the Middle East

A separately bookable workshop, “[A2Z of PET Recycling” led by Mr. Robert Dvorak, Projects Manager at Nextek, is also included in the agenda to offer greater insights into bales supply, PET recycling process and challenges in RPET.

Organized by renowned conference organizer Centre for Management Technology, the 14th MEAPET Summit attracts delegates from upstream feedstock to downstream end users, including feedstock and resin producers/traders, converts, bottlers, fillers, PET film sheet and fiber producers/traders, consultants and researchers, additive suppliers, brand owners and end users, and technology, machinery and equipment suppliers.

More information is available on the conference website: http://www.cmtevents.com/aboutevent.aspx?ev=130211&pu=219964&.

For enquiries, please contact Hafizah at hafizah(at)cmtsp(dot)com(dot)sg or Tel. 6346 9218.